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Celebrating 15 years of Massage!

This November marks our 15th year of massage in Big Bear Lake! Not too shabby considering my intentions only covered the winter months, but who knew the warmer months of Big Bear would win my heart? Sure, I’ll stay… to see what summer offers, not knowing during that time I would meet the love of my life! (This past August, my lovely wife and I toasted our 10 year wedding anniversary!) “Return to San Diego? Maybe one day, but hey, it’s no Big Bear!”

I had to ask myself a few questions in the fall of 2001, what would I do in Big Bear, who would I meet, what would business be like? The decision to move from the beach to the mountains just took a little snow, finding a place to live and a job at the mountain to help get things rolling. Do you ever dream that dream of moving up to a ski town, a resort town or somewhere far away from the daily grind? Well I dreamed that very dream until it came true, and 15 years later I’m glad to still be achieving my dreams in Big Bear Lake with Mountain Mobile Massage & Spa!

Massage Therapy and me and Big Bear are a great match. I love what I do, love the mountains and all they have to offer, and it’s hard to get bored when there are so many great locals and visitors to work with. Not to mention an amazing variety of sports and things to do year-round! Over that decade and a half the town has changed, in good ways mainly. As an extreme optimist, it’s a challenge to look at Big Bear and go “boo hoo.” It just keeps getting better and better up here! There have been vast improvements to the town, great people keep moving up, more & better restaurants, more trails and 300+ sun-filled days to boot. It isn’t all candy and goodies up here though (unless you’re at North Pole Fudge) and we’ve got issues!! Well, only really in the winter, with most being environmentally caused and/or highway/travel related, in short. The seasons vary wildly, from a measly 36 inches of snow in 2003/04 & 2014/15 to a mighty 150 inches in 2009/10! Luckily, and don’t you forget it, this is Southern California! Snow melts in less time than it takes to fall sometimes, depending on where you are, because of shadows, huh. Some years we get it, some years we don’t, but one thing is consistent…snowmaking! Big Bear needs snow to survive, and when Mama Nature hasn’t provided and the snow dances didn’t work the resort waits for those cold nights and blasts their own version of snow all over the runs, night after night. It’s real snow, nothing added! I prefer the real stuff, and I tell ya, snow is good for business! Big Bear needs snow, lots of it. Just not all year… could you imagine a rogue blizzard mucking up the 4th of July fireworks? Wasn’t this blog supposed to be about Mountain Mobile Massage & Spas 15th year in business in Big Bear?? Yes! Back on track, as in “relax, we get your back on track”….ha, you laugh, but that was actually one of our slogans in years past. Hey, it looked good on T-shirts! Another of our taglines was (and still is): “Relax, we bring the massage to you!” Makes me feel relaxed just typing it! Big Bear + Massage = ultimate relaxation…is not one of our tags, but maybe you’ll see it in the future. Speaking of Big Bear Massage, that’s our website address as well, very easy to remember, no?

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, and to say thank you to all of Big Bear and its visitors, we are offering a 1-hour Massage for a special rate to new clients! Time is limited, so call us today to claim your anniversary massage deal. Buy today, then you can use it whenever you want! Call us soon, help us celebrate!

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