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How to Enjoy the Holidays More

Holidays can be a beautiful time of year where we enjoy time away from work to visit with friends and family. Yet the stress of coordinating all those people, logistics and our precious free time can overwhelm the intention. Massage is a recommended part of the holidays because it can help us center and return to what’s really important — like coming in from the storm. Even an hour away to relax and rejuvenate can set the tone for happier times no matter what our holiday plans are. Once we’ve recharged our own batteries, we have more to give others. It’s like pushing the reset button and clearing out all the fuzz of frenetic times, bringing our pulse down to a nice, relaxing beat. Once we relieve the tension in our shoulders, for example, we can spread more good cheer which in turn will help us take delight in all the blessings holidays hold. Massage is healthy for the body as well as the mind, reducing blood pressure, inflammation and stress responses as well as increasing blood circulation and much more. Check out Dr. Weil’s blog if you’d like more info on health benefits of massage.

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