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15 years and counting with a reputation as the best massage in Big Bear

Mountain Mobile Massage

Welcome, we are your source for Massage in Big Bear Lake, California!  What a great time to be in Big Bear and relax with a massage. Weather worth bragging about, new trails to explore, new restaurants, and of course a premier mobile massage and spa massage experience! Enjoy a relaxing stress-reducing, deep pressure, sports, hot stone, shiatsu, or reflexology massage. Customized to perfection just for you! Our clients agree: "That was the best massage I've ever had... and we have been getting regular massage for years!" Jamie L. San Diego. "Took care of my sore neck so I was able to fully enjoy my vacation, what a find!" Uti M. Ventura. "Mobile massage is amazing, we're hooked! We're coming back to Big Bear Lake just to get another massage." :) Chris B. … [Read More...]

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Celebrating 15 years of Massage!

This November marks our 15th year of massage in Big Bear Lake! Not too shabby considering my intentions only covered the winter months, but who knew the warmer months of Big Bear would win my heart? Sure, I’ll stay… to see what summer offers, not knowing during that time I would meet the love of […]

Top 10 “Massage Myths”

You’re not the only one wondering if they should get a massage! After reading these myths, we hope you can better understand the real reasons for receiving massage therapy. 1) “Luxury item”…..you’re watching too many old 80’s movies! People get massage for health reasons nowadays. 2) “I’ll feel weird being touched”…..you’ll never know til you […]