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19 years and counting with a reputation as the best massage in Big Bear—Family owned


“Best massage experience my wife and I have ever experienced! Very highly recommended!” –July 15, 2019 feedback left on Square by Richard Z.

“THANK YOU! From one therapist to another, you have a very gifted and talented touch for healing and body work.” –July 8, 2019 feedback left on Square by Anthony A.

“Excellent! Best massage I ever had.” –May 31, 2019 feedback left on Square by Julie H.

“Really great experience.” –May 24, 2019 feedback left on Square by A.J.

“Both therapists provided a great massge experince with skill and caring.” –May 20, 2019 feedback left on Square by Bruce F.

“I had Bridget and her knowledge and sharing of thing I can do to help myself with all my aches and pains was very thoughtful. Hubby was in bliss. Thank you.” –April 14, 2019 feedback left on Square by credit card customer.

“Best massage I have had in years…The pressure was just right to relive tension.” –March 14, 2019 feedback left on Square by Mickey M.

“Absolutely the most amazing massage we’ve ever had. All pressure points were hit spot on! We both are so happy with the service.” –Feb 28, 2019 feedback left on Square by Johnathan H.

“Very polite and an awesome massage!” — Feb 25, 2019 feedback left on Square by Mardirosian M.

Wow! I am seldom impressed these days, with services received from any business really…
but the service I received from Mountain Mobile Massage far exceeded my expectations! What could have been a miserable uncomfortable 4th of July weekend, turned into a wonderful enjoyable one, after Daniel showed up at our rental cabin, and worked the kink right out of my neck. I was literally unable to turn my neck to the side, when he showed up. After the massage was over, the kink in my neck was 90% worked out, and by the next day, the pain was completely gone! I am a huge skeptic of Yelp reviews….but in this case, the rave reviews for this service, are absolutely 100% accurate.
I also have to say, that I always choose a female masseuse when I do get a massage, but Daniel is so professional, that I never even gave it a second thought. I even had my husband, Mother-in-Law, and Father-in-Law, there at the cabin, and they were leary of the whole thing, wondering if I had lost my mind, having this stranger show up with a massage table…until they saw how professional Daniel was, and he totally set their minds at ease.
I even asked my Father-in-Law if he wanted to get a massage! Lol! I highly recommend Daniel, and my only regret, is that he isn’t located in Orange County.
Massage Therapists with his level of expertise, and natural talent are few and far between!!!

Lisa C. from the O.C.

My husband and I went up to Big Bear for our 17th wedding anniversary. This is where we had our honeymoon. I set up to surprise my husband with a couples massage. Daniel and Liz came to our room at Pine Knot Guest Ranch and gave us our massage. It was amazing!!!! I’m looking forward to going back up to Big Bear to have more. They did an awesome job with relaxing us and working out all the knots. Daniel also made an oil to be used at the massage. It was the BEST oil ever and it smelled wonderful. Next time your in Big Bear you really need to stop and get a massage by Daniel and Liz you won’t regret!!! They are the BEST!!!!

Jennifer & Sean
Apple Valley, CA

I’ve gotten quite a few massages, but Mountain Mobile Massage is hands down the best I’ve gotten to date! Worth every penny and then some. They’re personable and exceed expectations. I’d use them all the time if I lived in the area.

Lynn D.
July 4, 2012
Santa Ana, CA

My wife surprised me with a couples massage while vacationing here in Big Bear. She told me she communicated with Daniel several times before our trip and he was extremely helpful and accommodating. Daniel and an associate Christine came to our vacation rental and provided a wonderfully relaxing massage experience. Christine was terrific and I would highly recommend both as my wife also raved about Daniels “handy” work. Prices were very reasonable for this type of massage package. Give them a try!

Todd B.
May 11, 2012
El Cajon, CA

A highlight of our large family gathering was the visit by Daniel and Liz from Mountain Mobile Massage & Spa. In addition to being delightful people, they were exceptional in their skill and professionalism, and their broad range of expertise accommodated the preferences of every member of our family … from short shoulder-only massages to 2-hour full body massages. They were with us for the entire day, and by the end of their visit they were like members of the family.

Philip S. Esq.

I used to get regular massages when I lived in Los Angeles, but since I’ve lived in Big Bear (1.5 years), I have not treated myself, until now. Daniel was available for a Sunday massage which works into my busy schedule. He came to my house complete with heated table, aromatherapy, music and of course the magic hands. Daniel listened to my concerns about possible sensitivity since it had been so long since my last massage, and we communicated throughout the massage to make sure I remained comfortable. I prefer a firm, deep (but not painful) massage, and Daniel delivered. Recently, I have had a problem with one arm from snow shoveling and he gave that extra attention. I can’t tell you how good it felt and how happy I am that I finally called him. I’m looking forward to some more work on my arm in a week or so, and another full body massage in a month. Thank you, Mountain Mobile Massage!

P.S. for what you get, the price is VERY reasonable.

Marianne L. 
April 30, 2012
Big Bear City, CA

“With assurance I can say Daniel is a very rare gem. I have traveled all over the world having massages at the best hotels and day spa establishments. Daniel sets the standard that everyone can try to aspire to. Arriving back in Big Bear to be greeted by Daniel to work out the stress and aches of traveling and work is delightful.”

SJ Paterson, New Zealand

“Daniel Morello is the best masseur I have experienced in my life – and I’ve been a veteran of some of the best spas around the world. He is extremely intuitive, sensing exactly how to address the bod’s needs. Clearly I’m a fan.”


“Mountain Mobile Massage brings the best attributes of a professional masseuse right to your door! My husband and I enjoyed a couple’s massage in the privacy of our home, and Daniel and a second masseuse operated at the highest level of professionalism. At the end of the hour-long session, we felt a wonderful sense of well being and were thoroughly relaxed. What a feeling! Thank you, Daniel and Mountain Mobile Massage!”

Marlene and Steve Cain

“Daniels foot massages are heavenly, they make my whole body feel better! His deep tissue massages really work the tension out of my muscles, leaving me feeling refreshed.”

Lisa K

“One of our favorite things to look forward to on any trip to Big Bear is a fantastic massage from Mountain Mobile Massage ~ It is an absolute must! Daniel’s work is always amazing, whether my husband and I are simply looking for relaxation or looking for some pain relief. I especially love the heated table, aromatherapy oils and special lotions he uses. Our home always smells wonderful when he is done and we feel like we’ve been to a top notch spa, without stepping out the door!” Many thanks Daniel!

Sincerely, Stacey Hijar

For : The Touch Factor Somatic Education Program
From: Shelly Castellino, HHP Chair Massage Professionals
Date: October 1999
RE: Daniel Morello

Dear Renee:
I have known Daniel since he began working for me as an independent contractor in October 1999. Due to my being injured, Daniel has been handling the lions share of my clientele. Even though he is a recent Holistic Health Practitioner from De Anza College and The School of Healing Arts, working for CMP has given him the opportunity to become a much more skilled and experienced therapist.

Beyond being a solid therapist, Daniel is a special person. He is warm, caring and utterly genuine. I find him to be quick to adapt and learn; he is responsible and trustworthy. I highly commend his sterling character.

Shelly Castellino, HHP

Dear Daniel,
Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful massage you gave my five-year old daughter and me. I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to find all of my sore spots and helped to erase much of the tension! You combined a nice balance of strong massage therapy to relieve my knots, as well an the gentle, smooth work designed to relax even type “A” personalities!

My daughter had a wonderful time during her massage as well, You instinctively knew how much and how little to work her little five year old body and she very much benefited from your massage. And did you notice that she didn’t want you to leave?

Thank you again for the excellent therapy, and we look forward to many more!

Sincerely, Myriam Mourani
July 15, 2003
Big Bear City, CA

Dear Daniel,
I’ve just returned from my extended vacation and wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible massage I received from you while visiting Big Bear. You may remember I was fresh off the plane from Tahiti and had a terrible neck strain that I could not get rid of. Let me tell you, your hands made all the difference. What I did not know was how well your massage techniques would work! The neck strain was gone in two days time! I cannot thank you enough for the extra time and effort you gave me while I was in such discomfort. I have had many massages around the country and found you to be one of the best ever!! I even told my regular massage therapist here in Austin about you. You are an amazing masseur and I thank you for using your expertise to make my stay in Big Bear a more pleasant one!

Best regards, Blake Miller
November 20, 2002
Austin, TX