Top 10 Reasons To Schedule a Massage Today


Receiving a massage will help you sleep better…

In face, one hour of massage is similar to 4 hours of sleep! Massage assists in the bodies natural recovery process, and the relaxation benefits can be felt for days or even weeks.


Increased clarity & efficiency…

Who couldn’t use a little of each, eh? Massage, even just a 20 minute treatment, will give you that boost to help finish the day strong! Also, a good massage can help you feel your best the next day (think about that big presentation or meeting tomorrow!), especially after a good nights rest (see #10).


Decrease or eliminate muscle pain…

This is one of the main reasons folks will seek out a massage therapists help. A single massage session is often helpful in getting you back on track to balance, but a series of massages is usually the best protocol for optimal benefits.


Increase energy levels…

This is a benefit similar to #9, only relates more to athletic performance. Of course, most people can use a little energy boost, usually after lunch or at the end of the day. Athletes actually feel sluggish when they don’t work out, the body feels stagnant, much like if folks don’t receive regular massages!


Give your skin/tissues a tonifying boost…

massage therapy stimulates the flow of toxic waste from muscles, organs and tissues for improved health and digestion. An increase in blood flow also helps “wake up” the muscles and keep them happy & healthy!


Reduce muscle tension,  improve movement & flexibility…

Massage stimulates blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient flow to connective tissues and muscles, easing tension and muscle knots/adhesions while soothing and lubricating joints for increased flexibility.


Recover from recent injuries faster…

Massage therapy breaks up scar tissue from past injuries, giving tissues/muscles improved movement. The International Journal of Neuroscience states that among other traumas improved by massage, research shows massage therapy improves functional abilities, range of motion and muscle strength in patients suffering from spinal cord injuries.


Reduce stress!

Massage calms the body and helps relax the mind, in turn helping reduce stress by lowering the body’s cortisol levels, a prime ingredient in stress. Since stress is responsible for most illness, alleviating stress should make a major difference in overall health, wellness & attitude.


Prevent injury and illness…

Tense muscles pull and tighten the body, inhibit circulation and pull the body out of it’s natural alignment. Unchecked, this can lead to a host of problems. Regular massage relaxes the body and can prevent many chronic conditions from taking hold.

And finally, the #1 reason to get a massage…….


Massage feels amazing! Plus it is a form of healthcare, so by taking the time to get a massage means YOU are taking the time to care for your health and overall wellness, plus you’ll be rewarding yourself with this healthy habit! Think of massage therapy as “preventative maintenance”, why wait until you feel like you’re falling apart? You’ll save yourself time and that can save you money! You do your best work and living when you’re feeling your best, so we hope all these Reasons To Get A Massage are enough to get you to consider how our highly skilled massage therapists can help you!



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