Tired of that Pain in your Neck?

 Most of us have experienced neck pain, an unfortunate side effect of life. Not to sound negative, but the numbers seem to agree, with estimates of 1 in 5 individuals who will experience neck pain in a year’s time. Fortunately, it isn’t a lifelong sentence, and many people recover over time, but also some can see neck pain develop into more of a chronic issue.   Is there anything a neck pain sufferer can do? Luckily, YES! There is! Massage Therapy and soft-tissue management is your answer for creating an effective plan to ease and even erase the issues that lead to neck pain. In fact, (more numbers…yah!) many health studies indicate neck pain as the #2 most common reason for people to look to massage therapy, with back pain coming in as the #1 reason.


    Often we work with clients who have suffered from neck pain in the past but have seen significant improvement after just one session, such as: ~decrease in pain levels ~increase in range of motion ~headache relief ~better sleep. In some cases, a second or third session is in order to truly ease your neck pain…and keep it from reoccurring. Specific neck stretches are also a proven way to help the benefits of massage therapy last longer, but we will be covering these methods in another blog.


    In the meantime, if you’ve suffered from Neck Pain, know that relief is available! We’ve lost count of how many clients we’ve hear say “what neck pain?” after their session(s), and we hope to assist you, a friend or loved one in achieving the best results to help you feel better! Why keep putting it off, schedule your session today!

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